One More Night

Do you ever wonder why we had that extra night? Like it was gifted to us. I don’t always believe in higher powers or things happening for a reason, but it’s things like this that make me question it all.

My flight was cancelled, do you remember? The winds were too strong – planes couldn’t take off. They had to put all the travelers up in an airport hotel. An inconvenience to most travelers, sure. But for us? But now? All I can think about is how grateful I am to have had that one extra night indulging in you. As if some higher power knew what greater storm we were about to face, so it stirred up that wind storm and kept me close to you.

One extra night in the same time zone, where it wasn’t London and New York. Just you and me.

One extra night spent laughing with you between every kiss. One extra night with our bodies intertwined between the sheets. One extra night sharing dinner together, smiling and chatting without a care in the world. One extra night sleeping with my arms holding you tightly against me and refusing to let go. One extra night singing along to show tunes and giggling as we stumbled over the wrong words.

One extra night of love.
One extra night of warmth.
One extra night of us.
One extra night of all the things I miss most.

One extra night of all the things I didn’t appreciate enough until long after my flight touched back down.

Where I Find You

I still look for you in every book. In every lyric. In every line of poetry. In every episode of television. In each movie I watch for the hundredth time. I still look for you among a sea of strangers in a crowded room. In the emptiest of places. In every piece of artwork. I still look for you, even in my loneliest dreams.

Can You Feel It?

I wake in the morning and reach for you,
can you feel it?

It’s mid afternoon and I’m wrapped up in your warmth,
can you feel it?

It’s 4 am and you’re in my dream with our fingers intertwined,
can you feel it?

I rest my head on the pillow and pretend it’s your chest,
can you feel it?

A Piece of My Soul Resides With You

Why do some people play such big parts in your life?
When I first met you I didn’t think anything of it.

I didn’t look at you and think, “I’m going to fall madly in love with you.”

But slowly, quietly, without even knowing it, here I am.
Head over heels.

But why?
Could anyone make you feel this way if you gave it a chance?
Or is there only one person out there who is right for you?

I’m not sure how it works.
I don’t think anyone ever will.

But whether it’s destiny or not, I got lucky.