2,432 Miles

The moon and sun are 91,150,417 miles apart,
Do they ever wish they could be closer?

If I could mend the gap between us
I’d do so in a heartbeat

Have you wake up in my arms
My fingers brushing through your hair
In a place where we share the same sunlight.

But the gap is there
And I’m stuck wondering what we could’ve been.

The roads between us seem long.

And just like that,
I’m envious of the sun shining through your bedroom curtain
For it gets to kiss your skin each day

But what keeps me going
Is the assurance that we share the same moon,
The same stars, the same sun.

I may see the morning sun before you, but it’s still the same sun.

And then I remember
You’re the sun to my moon.
And while the moon and sun are 91,150,417 miles apart,
Every so often, they’ll both appear in the sky simultaneously.

And someday, the miles between us won’t be so monumental.