February, Part Two

Chapter Two: Hope in My Days

The months grew warm
With you, there by my side
Filling that void, the one he’d left inside

And I had you

The ink spilled on the page
No longer spelled grief
I was busy writing love songs
like you’d never leave

You came out of nowhere
Still dreaded the cold
When the well bled dry,
I had someone I could hold

February, Part Three

Chapter Three: Bracing for Cold

You disappeared slowly,
and then all at once

Watched you go, the way I watched him

Now the well’s bled dry,
I have no one to hold

All the hurt and the pain,
I’ve only grown cold

He may be gone,
but now so are you

I’ll never let that go
Oh, I could never let you go


The good morning texts,
the late-night messages to greet you when you wake.

Counting down the weeks,
the days, the hours.
Knowing your smile will greet me soon.

Needy lips against my own,
weeks of greed and love and longing behind each kiss.

The warmth of your body
reminding me I’m safe,
reminding me I’m home.

I’m needy.
Always needy for the comfort of you.

Turning the Page

It’s all about the anticipation —
The build up

The want, the need, the desire
That keeps you flipping to the next page

You’re eager for more
Dying to dig a little deeper
To watch the relationship bloom
And see the fairytale unfold

But once the princess kisses the princess,
You put the book down
And start a new story