Can You Feel It?

I wake in the morning and reach for you,
can you feel it?

It’s mid afternoon and I’m wrapped up in your warmth,
can you feel it?

It’s 4 am and you’re in my dream with our fingers intertwined,
can you feel it?

I rest my head on the pillow and pretend it’s your chest,
can you feel it?

Never Enough

I’m too nice, but then I’m bossy.
I care too much, it’s overwhelming.

I’m not affectionate enough, I seem distant.
I talk too much, but I’m too quiet.

I overthink things, but I’m too superficial.
I’m so friendly, so why won’t I go to the party?
I get along with everyone, still I’m lonely.

I like you too much, I’m trying too hard.
I don’t make an effort, but now you want me.

I have too many interests, but I’m not talented.

I’m too sensitive, but I’m too hard and cold.
I’m tough, yet I’m too weak.

I’m creative, I’m always living in a fantasy world.

I love staying in, I’m not fun enough.

I’m beautiful, but not pretty enough.
I’m cool, but not edgy enough.
I’m sociable, but not popular enough.

I’m a nerd, but not smart enough.
I’m corny and sassy, but not funny enough.

I’m not good enough.
Not enough.
Never enough.

I will never be enough.

I am enough.
I am more than enough.

If I Didn’t Know Better

If I didn’t know better, I’d capture the stars for you
Illuminate every inch of mischief you keep buried

The whisky we drink warms our throats, coats our inhibitions
But I keep drinking, fuzzy thoughts of you keeping me company

Darling, you’ve got a lover waiting for you
Yet here you are —
If I didn’t know better, I’d say you wanted me, too.

Give me one night alone with you
I’d let it happen, let myself fall
If I didn’t know better.
But I do, I do.

But you’ve got me feeling again, opening up
My thoughts finally settling inside my noisy head

If I didn’t know better, I’d want this
I’ve been waiting for you, I’ve ached for you
And now you’re here, I want you to stay
If I didn’t know better, I’d ask you to.

I crossed a line, I want you to be mine.
In my arms, in my bed,
In my heart, in my head.

You’re captured me, all yours, all yours.
If I didn’t know better, I’d find a way.