Blooming or Withering

I’m like a flower. Pretty to look at, admired for its outward appearance. But underneath, my roots are a tangled mess – suffocating under layers of soil, unable to breathe. Withering away with each day that passes as it grows weaker and crumbles.

Greens, Blues, & Browns

I didn’t know what it felt like
To get lost in a forest
Until my eyes met yours

And then I learned how strong the pull of the tide was
As I found buried treasure
Drowning deep in your ocean eyes

And then I saw your eyes,
An intricate blend of honey and chestnut.
They reflected the stars, mapped out the galaxy
And gave a whole new meaning to the word, gold.

Each color, so unique
So hypnotic in its own way
Capable of pulling me in…

Her Lips

I miss kissing you.

But not just kissing you. The way you kiss. The build up. The tension. The way your sparkling eyes grow darker when I lick my lips in anticipation, taking my bottom lip between my teeth as I grow needy. The way you start slow, gently, to draw me in deeper. Soft kisses that tease and make me tremble for more. The way you give me just a little taste, before devouring me completely.