Dissociative Identity

The breaks in memory
Just blurry fragments strung together

The cruel and the kind
One so soft, one dark and cold.

Will I ever know which one is me?
Perhaps one day I’ll accept the truth, I am both.


Not In My Cards

I was never destined for a great love story

But meeting someone who is capable of loving as deeply as you do,
Someone who lets their entire heart consume them
In every sense of the word

…It gives me a sliver of hope
That maybe, one day, I could be capable of
experiencing such a deep love like yours.

Force of Nature

I’m scared of what you’re capable of.

You bring out the best in me
And you scare the shit out of me

I joke you’re the nervous one
That I’m always in control

But deep down, that’s a lie
You have me wrapped around your finger

And we both know it.