Catch & Release

It’s no surprise, I took the bait
Grabbed on and let you pull me in
Even though I know how this all goes.

In I go, as you reel me in, drawing me closer and closer.

I hoped we’d make it this time,
But you just catch and release.
Like you always do.

You drop me back into the sea just before I’m about to surface,
Leaving me treading around, awaiting your next baited line.

I should know better, I should be smarter after all this time.

But I’ll still wait for the hook to drop back down into the water,
So I can latch on tightly once again.

Even though I know you’ll just release me once more.

Never Be Her

I’ll never be her – the one you crave so badly. Even if I may be exactly what you need. But here I am, longing for something that will never have a chance to blossom. Dreaming of a fantasy that will never come true.

— Because I’ll never be her.