Tastes Like Strawberries

The sun beamed down, warming our skin
But I was already on fire

You parted your lips
Softly biting into another plump, red strawberry
My eyes inspected your mouth
As I speculated how your lips could feel against mine
How they’d taste — coated in the sweetness of strawberries

The sound of your infectious laughter snapped me back
We interlaced fingers as we searched for the next perfect berry

But nothing could be as perfect as you:
Petite frame, soft long hair,
Eyes that put the ocean to shame.
Your sun-kissed cheeks against porcelain skin.

I imagined we were alone
As the desire lingered in the air
The fluttering sensation in my stomach

Chewing the inside of my cheek, failing to resist
A blush swept across my face that I failed to conceal

You giggled and bit your lip, locking eyes with me
Knowing exactly what I wanted to do

I leaned in slowly, pressing my lips against yours
Then carefully, I pulled back

But when our eyes locked again
I recognized the same desire in your ocean eyes
And my fingers got lost in your blonde locks
As I leaned in again,

And finally captured the taste of strawberries.


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