You know it wasn’t real,
But the dream just felt so good.
So vivid and warm as it stitched itself inside your mind.

And when you woke up
Those positive feelings lingered,
Embracing you in warmth as your lips curled upward, softly.

Even though you know the dream will never come true again.

Stop Running

I caught a glimpse of the other side of that wall
That you fight so hard to keep standing

Then you pulled away,
An expert at goodbyes

And now I’m here,
You know I want you; it’s no secret.

God, I wish you would just let me stay. 

Another Stranger

I used to believe I was to blame. That I ruined what was blooming. But I’m not to blame at all. It was you who was afraid.

— And we weren’t blooming, we were burning.

Now, you’re just another stranger.

But tell me – how could a stranger force my heart to plummet completely into my stomach the moment I laid eyes on you again?

I Forgot to Say Thank You

I spent so much time fighting with you
So much time trying to support you
So much time next to you…
But I never said thank you

Thanks for tucking me in each night
Thanks for cuddling and rubbing my feet
Thanks for making me smile and laugh
Thanks for teaching me to be kind

Thanks for chasing away monsters
Thanks for soothing my tummy aches
Nurturing my wounds, mending my pains

Thanks for driving me to school
Thanks for being at every cheer competition
Thanks for always being by my side

Thanks for teaching me to be strong
And to always love

Thanks for supporting me, no matter what
Thanks for making it so easy to talk to you
And for always being so honest with me

Thanks for always being there
Thanks for loving me unconditionally

Thanks for being my best friend

Resentment Part III.


You let yourself get so high,
Giving yourself a greater distance to fall.
And you did.

You yanked us down with you,
When it came crashing down and caught flames.

Falling so fast, so hard.
I’ll never let myself get that far.
I’ll never get that far.

I’ll play it safe.
But I’m afraid.
What if I lose my way?
What if I break?

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Break Away

I’ll never comprehend
How you could leave me shattered
Without uttering a single word

I’m stuck here, abandoned
Head full of what ifs
The possibilities – now impossible – cascading through my head

I poured out my soul,
Like black ink spilled onto paper
But you crumpled me up
Threw me away

Yet, you snaked your way inside
Found a resting place inside my head
Lingering inside my heart

And I can fight it, screaming and pleading
But you won’t get out.

So here I lie – fragile, rejected
Wondering why I’ll never get a chance

2,432 Miles

The moon and sun are 91,150,417 miles apart,
Do they ever wish they could be closer?

If I could mend the gap between us
I’d do so in a heartbeat

Have you wake up in my arms
My fingers brushing through your hair
In a place where we share the same sunlight.

But the gap is there
And I’m stuck wondering what we could’ve been.

The roads between us seem long.

And just like that,
I’m envious of the sun shining through your bedroom curtain
For it gets to kiss your skin each day

But what keeps me going
Is the assurance that we share the same moon,
The same stars, the same sun.

I may see the morning sun before you, but it’s still the same sun.

And then I remember
You’re the sun to my moon.
And while the moon and sun are 91,150,417 miles apart,
Every so often, they’ll both appear in the sky simultaneously.

And someday, the miles between us won’t be so monumental.


We saw it coming, felt it creeping up.
It was never out of left field, we knew the day would come.

But nobody anticipated the wreckage it left behind.

Because the calm after the storm never came…
Even after all this time.

So here we sit, cross-legged on the floor, engulfed in the rubble.
Drowning in the aftermath of your hurricane.



I can still feel the burning of your fingertips dancing over smooth flesh. The allure of indulging in something I never thought I’d be able to procure. The aroma of want lingering in the air and the flavor of need as I devoured you.

The sounds of an angel escaping your plush, parted lips as our bodies trembled when we got what we both craved.

Over and over, the desire consumed us.
And I never wanted it to stop.

Running From Yourself

You don’t let them get you, don’t let them see
If they sense your fear, they’ll manipulate you
Make you out into someone you can’t be

So you wear a mask, you try to hide

You wear the mask so they don’t know
So they can’t sense your fear
So they can’t tear you apart for being who you are

But what happens when it’s yourself you’re afraid of?
When the one you’re running from is yourself?