The weight on your chest, pushing down — harder and harder. All you want to do is be strong enough to lift it off. But instead, you feel weak.

Your lungs feel fragile, you’re gasping for air. And then the ringing begins. Floods your ears and bombards your senses. You feel weak.

Then comes the heat. Your body temperature is rising, quickly. You’re panting to try to slow your breath and cool your body and stop the ringing. You feel weak.

The pressure in your chest is tightening. The pain is spreading and squeezing. Your body starts to give out. You feel anger. You feel sorrow. You feel weak.

All of your senses are at maximum capacity. You can’t move, aside from the shaking. You can’t speak, aside from the crying and gasping. You can’t hear, aside from the ringing. You can’t feel, aside from the pain engulfing your chest.

You’re gasping.
You’re trembling.
You feel weak.

You’re suffocating.
You are weak.

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