Dedication, part I.

To the girl whose words made me fall.

I fell in love with your words.
So this one is for you.


It’s the little things
The cool breeze on a warm day
The way the candle flames dance
The smell of apple pie fresh out of the oven
Seeing children jump over the crashing waves
The sound of soft giggling that you can’t contain
Biting into a freshly ripened Georgia peach
Hearing a beautiful song you enjoy
Feeling silk sheets after a long day
Falling in love with her smile
Discovering your happiness
Finding inner bliss
Among the noise

Blooming or Withering

I’m like a flower. Pretty to look at, admired for its outward appearance. But underneath, my roots are a tangled mess – suffocating under layers of soil, unable to breathe. Withering away with each day that passes as it grows weaker and crumbles.

Greens, Blues, & Browns

I didn’t know what it felt like
To get lost in a forest
Until my eyes met yours

And then I learned how strong the pull of the tide was
As I found buried treasure
Drowning deep in your ocean eyes

And then I saw your eyes,
An intricate blend of honey and chestnut.
They reflected the stars, mapped out the galaxy
And gave a whole new meaning to the word, gold.

Each color, so unique
So hypnotic in its own way
Capable of pulling me in…